15 December 2008

Welcome to Professor Carmichael's Cabinet of Curiosites


I bid all welcome my humble "Blogge" post on subjects of a diverse, interesting, and (indeed) wondrous nature. My curiosity cabinet is a virtual room, not unlike those of old, exhibiting, for the willing participant, an encyclopedic collection of knowledge both tangible and intangible. This shall include, will not be limited to, history, natural sciences, and antiquities. Also, alchemy, astrology, pseudoscience ("real science" in Greek), and matters of a metaphysical or speculative nature. And also some stuff that might be made up.

But a little about your humble author. I am a Distinguished Academician at an Institution of Higher Learning. From my panopticon at the top of my ivory tower, I send out my ravens to gather the news of the world each day. Although these birds cost me my depth perception, I cherish the COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE they have allowed me to accumulate. And I read some books, too, I guess.

I will liken my cabinet of curiosities, or Wunderkammer ("Wonder Camera") in Deutsch ("German"), to a memory theater, a microcosm of the world, a Naturwissenschaftwundermicrokosmosgedächtnistheaterneugierkabinett, if you will.

Let us begin!

Prof. Carmichael

Post-script: Make sure to follow my links if you desire to know more about a topic. That is, if you trust other sources on the Internet. Soon these links will not be necessary, however, because I hope to make this Cabinet a sort of Intra-net 'cyclopedia of a self-referential nature.

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